Gas Powered Golf Cart or Electric?

When making the choice between a gas powered golf cart and an electric one, it’s important to assess the pros and cons of each. Choosing your cart can be divided into four broad categories of comparison: Initial Investment, Maintenance, Power and Drive Time and Miscellaneous. These are all important differences that you should consider.

Initial Investment

In terms of pricing and initial investment, carts powered by gas are typically a bit more expensive due to several advantages they have over those driven by electricity. However, the latter are more than enough for the golf course where there are mostly, if not all electric carts. Gas carts are more used for non golf related activities which require more power and longer run time.

Electric ones are also less expensive to maintain – more on that in the next section.


Gas carts have similar maintenance requirements to a car. That is, periodic oil and filter changes and less often but eventually spark plug, belt and other replacements will come up.

For electric carts, however, the primary maintenance concern is the battery. It is important to check water levels at least once per month and fill as needed with distilled water. Your commitment to taking proper care of your battery will be the main difference between it lasting one year and six years. A replacement battery for your cart can cost as much as $650.

Power and Drive Time

Up to this point, you’re probably giving electric carts the edge. However, this is the section that brings the opponent back in the game.

In terms of power and drive time, there is no comparison – carts powered by gas are by far the better option.


Gas carts are three to four times more powerful than electric carts which leads to better acceleration, top speeds and hill performance. Either will work for most light work and golf courses, but when the terrain starts to get rougher, luggage gets heavier or you need to reach somewhere faster, the gas cart will perform better every time.

Drive Time

You can drive much longer on a full tank of gas than a full battery. Electric carts can only achieve about two hours of drive time which translates to about 25 to 35 miles before a recharge is necessary. As the battery ages, however, this time will decrease. A six gallon tank of a gas, on the other hand, can get you 100 to 200 miles depending on make.


Electric are better for the environment because of the absence of emissions. With that in mind, if you into to use your golf cart inside, definitely go with the electric.

Electric carts operate almost silently, while gas carts are more noisy. This doesn’t mean they are as noisy a Subaru Impreza, it’s more a testament to how quiet the electric cars are.

Gas retain their value better.

Ride and handle are generally the same, however, it’s harder to drive a gas cart slower because it has more power.

We want to hear your thoughts. Will you be buying a gas powered golf cart? Or will the electric suffice? Vote below!